DelMonte corporate office provides holiday cheer

DelMonte Hotel Group corporate office staff

DelMonte Hotel Group corporate office staff

By Rachel Doig | Posted on November 15, 2018

This holiday season, the corporate office of DelMonte Hotel Group was excited to host a sponsored wrapping event coordinated by Full Circle Home. This organization coordinates the assembly of holiday packages for deployed soldiers and their families. Sponsored wrapping events entail assembly-style wrapping: long tables and lining up boxes, filling them with gifts & paper shred, and adding their signature “faux bow” on top. 

Full Circle Home is a not-for-profit organization that connects deployed service members with their loved ones across the country and on bases around the world. Since 2007, Full Circle Home has helped over 21,000 troops send their holiday gifts and love notes to their Heroes at Home. The simple act of giving a gift with a hand written note can bridge the gap between ours troops and those who support them!

Though the organization is based out of upstate New York, wrapping events are held in Washington DC, Maryland, Massachusetts, Ohio, Rhode Island, Colorado, and other parts of New York State.

These gift packages allow troops to express their gratitude and recognize sacrifices made by those at home and are a daily reminder of the love of their service member and the appreciation of sponsors across the country. This connection provides encouragement and support for both those at home and those overseas, because the whole family is affected by a deployment. 

To learn more about this organization and what they do, visit: